The week leading up to this portrait session was rainy and dreary and cold, an early winter moving in. Auti’s mother and I were frantically texting back and forth days before, going back and forth on whether the sun might shine or if we should postpone yet another week. I was gung ho about moving forward, confident that the weathermen would be wrong (I have yet to meet a weatherman that is actually dead on with his forecast), but Auti’s mother was still a bit hesitant, but decided to trust me.

Meg was going to be my photo assistant for the shoot, Auti (and her mother) being good friends of Meg’s through her martial arts school she attends. Auti and her parents showed up just minutes after we pulled into the parking lot of the park we had decided upon for the shoot, and lo and behold! the sun broke through the clouds halfway through, casting beautiful golden light on the hills behind us and making the whole world glow.

Auti was a delight, always smiling and joking around. She’s a middle schooler attending the same middle school that my kids went to, and she’s into everything: gymnastics, running, martial arts . . . you name it, and she probably does it. I just had so much fun taking her portraits, and just like the sun making the world glow, so does this child. She just makes everyone happy to be around.