Fat Bottomed Girls Cupcake Shop

Last week, I explored the cutest little cupcake shop just up the street from where Meghan lives. It’s a new-to-me shop, having opened up last year, I had just never ventured inside until last week.

I have no idea why it took me so long.

The store smelled delicious, was bright and cheery and had seating right next to the window so you could people watch while eating cupcakes and drinking coffee. They not only had cupcakes, but also kitchen towels with snappy sayings, little trinkets that would make great stocking stuffers, different flavored syrups and chocolate candies wrapped up in pretty little packages.

Lilly, the store manager, let me poke around and take pictures with my friend for as long as we both liked and we both walked out of there with cupcakes to bring home (my friend later texted me letting me know that her cupcake didn’t even make it that far, that she ate hers in her car on the way home!) and definite plans to visit the store again, but this time I won’t wait so long.