Lightning Storm

Last Friday night, we had a huge storm move in over northwest Arkansas and central Arkansas. It brought high winds and heavy rain, even a few tornadoes touched down in central Arkansas. We made it through unscathed, not even losing power. Some neighbors down the street lost a few tree limbs, and I saw more branches scattered about yards as I left for my run this morning.

But wow! What a lightning show we were treated to before all hell broke loose. I had stepped outside for something after dinner and the bolts of light that were being thrown around the sky made me run back inside to grab my camera to try and snag a few photos. David came out to watch and suggested that we try to do a time lapse. I’d never done one before, so he helped me set it up, showing me how to set the intervals and the amount of time I wanted the camera to record. I set up my tripod, fastened the camera onto it and then sat back in the patio chair with David next to me, letting my D5 do all the work while I enjoyed the show.

I’m not exactly sure of the settings I was using. I want to say I had the camera set to ISO 640, f/8, 1/6 sec. . . . but I could totally be off base. The images below I pulled from the video, and apparently Lightroom doesn’t save the EXIF data for videos, so thus the guess as to my settings.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at time lapse, thinking it would be cool to try it out with a blooming flower. I think Dave and I are going to try it out on a busy street corner when he gets back from his upcoming trip to India next week.

Time lapse . . . just one more thing to teach myself about, but isn’t that the fun of learning?