I drive past this field whenever I go over to visit my parents. Just out of frame there are two silos with the Arkansas state flag painted on one, and the state slogan painted on the other, "Arkansas is a natural". I've thought often about what a neat picture that would make so Saturday, while Dave and I were out buying coffee for our Sunday morning wake up time, I brought along my camera and 70-200mm lens to photograph the silos. Dave drove up a little back road that ran behind the buildings, I hopped out and ran across the fields and got my picture, but it was this tree that I really liked instead. The solitude and the isolation of it against that cold winter sky and the colorless pasture just really spoke to me. The scene looks the way I've been feeling these past few days: bleak, empty and colorless.

I'm feeling better now, but it's always this time of year, when the days stay dark and dreary, when the shadows and grayness have lost their coziness appeal, that spring seems to be so, so out of reach. This year, especially, has been really hard with everything that has happened in the span of just four weeks, four weeks that seem to have lasted a life time. 

Four weeks, really?!

After I got my pictures, Dave drove us home and I threw on my running clothes (all 8 layers!) and went for a quick three-miler and came home feeling more put together, resolving that my runs will take precedence over everything else.

Fresh air is amazing for attitude adjustments.

And then Sunday morning, we woke to ice, just a thin enough layer to make it impossible to run. 

The best laid plans . . . 

Instead, I bundled up (two coats, a hat, fleece mittens) and drove, creepy-crawling the whole three blocks, down to Langley's trail and creepy-crawled along the trail, taking pictures. The trail is only about half a mile one way, but it took me 45 minutes to cover it. Still, the fresh air, the baby snow flurry that greeted me half way through my walk, the resident heron flying majestically up from the creek where he'd been fishing - - - all that worked it's magic and I creepy-crawled my way back to my car and home feeling stable and ready to take on the week ahead.

I hope you have a beautiful week.