Time To Dig

We've had so much rain this week, although right now the sun is out and the leftover raindrops are glistening like diamonds on the pine tree outside our bedroom French doors where I've camped out on our bed, nursing a cold/sinus infection/who-knows-but-I've-got-a-doctor's-appointment-in-30-minutes-to-find-out-what's-wrong, and feeling a little sorry for myself. David is working out of the house today and is taking care of me, there's BBQ chicken in the crockpot making the house smell like a BBQ joint and I can see squirrels and robins hopping about on the sunny patio outside.

Maybe it's the winding down of the winter season or seeing the first definite signs of spring blooming in cow pastures and a few front yards, but I feel this need to reach down further inside of me and pull out what I know is hidden, to dig deeper and see what I can create photographically. I know I have a lot more to show, a lot more to say, a lot more light to share. I'm taking a break from photographing food and start this new journey to the center of me, as deep and passionate as that sounds (and I'm not one really to write passionately or like, "Because I'm an Artist, damnit!" and for those of you that know me well, you will get that last statement and may even chuckle). 

I have learned a lot through shooting food, learned about how best to manipulate the light coming through my (dirty) windows and placement of props and food; I still want to continue my kitchen adventures, but I want to continue them for my benefit for the simple reason that I love to bake, I love seeing David close his eyes as he bites into a fresh chocolate chip cookie after he comes home from work and I absolutely love, love, love hearing Joey's big booming voice coming from the mud room after school as he calls out, "Are those muffins I smell?"

Gets. Me. Every. Single. Time.

So, yes, I will be keeping up with my baking and working my way through my dessert and bread cookbooks, but that journey will be for me (and the rest of my family). Creatively, I want to further my exploring of light and shadow, storytelling and sharing my views of my world. It's time to buckle down and do the work.

It's time to shut out the outside noise so I can hear the little whispers living deep inside of me.


Edited: The sun is gone and it's beginning to rain again. I'm back from the doctors and I'm not dying a slow death, rather it's my asthma warring with my lungs, so she prescribed steroids for the next five days. These next five days will be interesting, to say the least.