Red Velvet Baby Bundt Cakes

I didn't intend to make Baby Bundt Cakes Friday. No, I had every intention of reading and running and doing anything but baking. But then I was cruising Pinterest and came across this ridiculously easy Red Velvet Mini Bundt cake recipe . . . and I had the pan (thank you, Mrs. Santa!) . . . and all the ingredients . . . and I thought it would be a fun way to kick off the weekend. . . .

So, I caved. 

Four hours later, we had a dozen Red Velvet Baby Bundt Cakes cooling on the kitchen table as well as a mini cakelet (such a fun word to say!) cooling on the kitchen counter.

And an upside down kitchen to prove it!

If you're interested in the recipe, I found it on the website "Tastemade" the recipe can be found under the recipe tab. Here's the link for you: Red Velvet Mini Bundt Cakes. And if you accidentally overfill the bundt cups and your cakes come out with excess cake along the edges, I discovered that a large biscuit cutter will take care of trimming it off for you. I felt rather ingenious when I made that little discovery, if I do say so myself. ; )

Enjoy, and happy baking!

See what I mean by my upside down kitchen? 

See what I mean by my upside down kitchen?