Sam the Cat

Meet Samson, a.k.a. Sam the Cat.

He is Meghan's cat and came into her life a little over a year ago. When she adopted him from a friend of a friend, she had no idea that he would grow into the body of a small dog. See, we all thought that he'd be a cute, little, small tabby cat that would cuddle and keep Meg company.

He is all that, except he is anything but small and little. He is actually something called a Maine Coon and you can read some fun facts about them here.   

Here are some of our own fun facts about the cat who grew into a small dog:

  1. He has a huge, I mean HUGE, personality.
  2. He loves to chit chat with you, telling you everything he knows.
  3. He's been known to stalk an ambulance and a deer from inside Meghan's old house she shared with her best friend a couple years ago.
  4. He loves to cuddle. The closer you hold him to you and snuggle, the louder he purrs.
  5. He shows his displeasure with Meghan when she's late from work by doing naughty things around her apartment.
  6. He blocks the door when you try to leave, trying to hold you hostage.
  7. He is the most adorable, likable and sweet boy and is perfect for Meghan.

I've been taking care of our little grand kitty this week while Meghan is in California visiting her best friend and enjoying some much needed fun in the sun. She's due to get back home on Saturday, and I know someone who can hardly wait to see her.

And he's got a lot to speak to her about, too!