Hitting The Road Again

Saturday we finally had a beautiful sunny day after the past two weeks of having nearly non-stop rain. David was itching to get his motorcycle back out on the road again for the first ride of the season, so that was what we did.

We set out around 9:30 in the morning, heading west into Oklahoma, taking the backroads and avoiding the interstate at all costs. You get to see more of the countryside and Real Life along the backroads. The air smells better and the sun feels warmer. We passed cows and horses, pigs and sheep. There were blankets of daffodils in the ditches and along the fence rows. And the big blue sky was endless, not quite as endless as my beloved Kansas skies, but it was close.

We stopped in Spavinaw, Oklahoma, birthplace of Mickey Mantle and a gigantic spillway and dam that spilled into a creek along a really pretty park (where the still photos were taken). We stopped along the creek and threw rocks and played for a bit before heading out again. We spent most of the day just wandering, going down roads that looked interesting and stopping for lunch when we got hungry. All that fresh air started making me sleepy and I kept yawning on the back of the bike. We stopped near the spillway of Kerr Dam where you can catch paddlefish, a fish that looks like a cross between a swordfish and a catfish and that we had no idea lived in Oklahoma. 

From looking at the pictures on the announcement board near the water's edge, I really wouldn't want to meet one while wading around in Oklahoma rivers!

When the shadows began to grow longer across the pastures and the light began to be softer, we turned around and headed east back to Arkansas and home. It felt so wonderful to be out and get a fleeting taste of spring after such a hard winter. 

(The video is from one of our side road explorations. We had no idea that the road had been washed out and it took us completely by surprise. Sorry for the poor sound quality - - - our  helmets muffled our voices quite a bit.)