playing with light

Yesterday, I set out to understand the Inverse Square Law and how it pertains to off-camera lighting in photography. I also wanted to learn how to make a white background black, or at least darker, but realized that my office (Meghan's old bedroom) isn't big enough for that to happen, so instead I settled on a dark grey and was happy with that.

The inverse square law is complicated and full of mathematical equations and angles and squaring numbers and I think only rocket scientists can really understand it. Basically the inverse square law is:

any physical law stating that some physical quantity or strength is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity.

Like I said, it's kinda complicated, but when has that ever stopped me? And for a more detailed explanation, you can watch this 15-minute video by Peter Hurley which makes much better sense.

I understand it better than I did before I tested it out and got the background to go from dark grey to pure white, which was what I was after,  but I think I did it a little backwards, moving my subject back and forth instead of my light, but I still got the same effect that I was going for. And now that I know I did it a little backwards, when I go back later to try again, I'll have a bit better understanding as to how to achieve it the right way. And for the last photo, I had a second light behind Teddy to make the background pure white.

And as an added bonus, Joe agreed to let me direct him and take his portrait, helping me out with my headshot practice. I was so thrilled and giddy that he agreed, that I let the toothpick slide.

Sometimes, you just gotta let the little things go in life, right?