A Walk In The Woods

We've had such a very rainy, very cold spring so far this year. Normally, the dogwoods would've bloomed out by now, my windows would be open every afternoon and the mountains surrounding Fayetteville would be covered in the heavy green lace of fresh green leaves covering tree branches.

This morning, we woke to a light dusting of snow and temperatures in the low 20's.

Sigh . . . .

But, on those rare occasions when Spring does make her appearance, it has been beautiful. Last Thursday, my brother and sister-in-law were in town for a whirlwind, day long visit to see my parents. It's not often that Stephen and Ute get to be Stateside since my brother lives in the United Kingdom, but when they are over here, my parents and I drop everything we're doing to be with them and make the most of their time here. 

My brother loves hiking and backpacking and exploring, so Mom and I decided to take all of us out to Mt. Kessler Thursday, a large sports complex/park just south of town. I sometimes run the trails out there as well as hike and explore with Langley (who absolutely loves the place). And Thursday was one of those rare spring days where the skies were bluebird blue and the air was warm and you could trick yourself into believing that winter had finally left the building for good.

Langley romped and ran to her heart's content, not knowing the term, "Pace yourself!" (and she woke up Friday morning stiff and feeling sorry for herself. She got lots of treats and belly rubs to help make her feel better).

Dad, Mom and I tried to identify all the little wildflowers that we came across.

Stephen and Ute walked ahead of us, holding hands and stopping to take pictures every now and again.

We hiked and explored and got dirty and ate a picnic lunch until it was time for me to head home to greet Joe after school. 

Just a taste of spring, just enough to get us through this last little blast of winter.

That was all we needed.