Nikon D5, 85mm, ISO 100, f/3.2, 1/250 sec.

I've become somewhat lax about blogging lately, just haven't really felt much like sitting down and writing long drawn out posts full of wishes and dreams, angst and passion . . . or about my ordinary everyday life. 

The same can be said about picking up my camera. For the Fourth of July, instead of capturing fireworks in all their glory, I sat on the grass and enjoyed watching them with my family and friends. Instead of sweating it out at the Farmer's Market, I stayed home and enjoyed an extra cup of coffee on the back porch with David. Summer has always been a difficult time for me to be creative, maybe it's the smothering humidity, maybe not. I've been feeling overwhelmed, aimless and at loose ends in my life lately, and as a way to feel more in control of those feelings, I've been making myself pick up my camera daily and shoot. I will be posting those pictures here with my camera settings. On those occasions where Something Actually Happens, then I will write a real post to accompany those pictures. For now, just to get back in the habit, I will be posting photos with the EXIF data and call it a day.

I know that come fall things will pick up again, especially since I've been asked to be the sports photographer at our high school covering Friday night football games, mid week basketball games and spring time baseball games. I'm looking forward to doing that. I love being around high schoolers with their whole lives ahead of them, giggling and full of high spirits. They make me smile.

This quiet before the storm is just that, just a time for me gather myself together and enjoy today.  

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