Beale Street

Dave and I spent the weekend in Memphis, Tennessee this past weekend so I could attend a photography conference. I learned a lot, met some Facebook friends in the flesh and finally got to visit Graceland, a lifelong dream of mine.

Whenever David and I would make the long trek from northern Virginia down to Arkansas to visit his folks, we'd always drive through Memphis and I would invariably start begging him to make a stop at Graceland. It didn't matter that we had Meghan in the back seat, then later Joe. Every time we'd cross the state line into Tennessee, I'd begin chanting, "Graceland! Graceland! Graceland!" He'd never stop, but would always promise me that one day he'd take me. Well, he lived up to his word some 30 years later, but that adventure will be told at a later date.

Right now, I've got Beale Street to show you, Beale Street that was alight with the setting sun, small crowds of tourists (the big crowds would come later that night), music being played on every street corner, musical notes set in the sidewalk with the names of some of my musical heroes: Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, and of course, The King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Elvis.  The bars were hopping, people were stopping to take pictures, sweat was flying off the acrobat that was doing flips and jumps down the middle of the street . . . what an amazing, historic and magical street Beale Street is.