Moving Day

“ICM” or Intentional Camera Movement, taken at Devil’s Den State Park

After blogging here at Squarespace for the last two-and-a-half years, I’ve found a platform that finally feels like home called “Exposure “. I’ve used it once before a long, long time ago, but moved away from it because it didn’t have the features that I wanted at the time. I’ve been wanting to write stories more and more, and yes, I can do that right here on Squarespace, but Squarespace seems more of a dedicated blogging platform with too many features to use, too many tabs to make, too many choices, just too. . . . too, you know what I mean? I want a simpler place to share my words and my pictures and Exposure seems to be the place for where I finally am now.

It’s a minimal site, just stories and pictures. There’s a strong sense of community there, with all kinds of people from all kinds of places around the world sharing their experiences and images, and the stories make me want to get out there and see everything this beautiful world has to offer. After all, Life is meant to be lived as a story, not something that’s copy and pasted into a blog post.

As for my daily pictures if you’re keeping up with those, I’ve resurrected my old Blogger site and will be posting those over there.

My new home for stories about my life, mountain bike races and any other adventures can be found here from now on:

Kate Austin

Please let me thank you all for all your support, encouraging words and comments over the last couple years here. And I’d be delighted beyond belief if you followed me over to my new home on the Internet. I’m really excited about this and look forward to seeing you on the Interwebs!