The new year brings new resolutions, new words, new goals, new feelings awakening inside. Lately, I’ve been sensing a new something stirring deep inside me, an old sense of propriety about to be broken and a new freedom about to be discovered.

I’ve always taken photos that I considered “safe”: proper composition, proper lighting, proper focus, proper everything else. I couldn’t tap into that creativity that I sensed lay inside of me, if I even knew it was inside of me.

For a while I flirted with the idea of belonging to a 365 Facebook group to help me discover and dig further into this new being moving about inside, but left the group a mere 48 hours after joining. This journey that I’m on is mine to travel and figure out and I want it to be mine alone.

I need to be focused and not distracted, which is something that checking into the FB group daily would be. I have taken the beginning steps towards this creative self-discovery, writing out in longhand the means to get to where I’m going, 2018 looked upon as a planning stage to this larger journey I’m about to embark upon.

I want to give myself permission to be selfish this year, to walk upon the creative path by myself, figuring out what it is outside of photography that inspires me, the music, the colors, the people, the words, the moods of the world.

And then click it all with the camera’s shutter.

All the above images were taken with the Lensbaby SOL 45mm, gifted to me this Christmas by David and the kids.