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Lost & Found

Ever have pictures that you thought you lost, but then found in some obscure folder in your photo library?

No? Just me and my lack of organizational skills?

Well, a couple days ago, I was looking through the folder labeled “Family” for a photo of me that a friend of mine wanted when I came across these photos of David from our last Enduro race we shot last September. We like to use each other to get the settings right in our cameras before the event begins, usually pretending to hunker over imaginary handlebars, leaping off of drops and running madly around the berms along the trail (I like to spread my arms out and make “zoom zoom” noises, pretending I’m an airplane).

Yep, I know how to have fun.

I thought I had lost these images. I remember the day we came home and I downloaded my card to Lightroom and saw these amongst the thousand or so race photos that I had taken that day. I guess I filed them in my “family” folder so I wouldn’t accidentally upload them to SmugMug with the rest of the bike photos and then, after telling myself I’d always remember where I put them, promptly forgot their location.

So here’s to “new” photos and being more thorough about where I store pictures from the trail in the future. 😉

Easy As Sunday Morning

This past Sunday morning saw David and me heading up to Bentonville for David to partake in a mountain bike skills clinic put on by Rich Drew, a pro mountain biker who just happens to live in northwest Arkansas and is one of the nicest people around. It was a jam-packed day filled with basic mountain biking techniques: braking, turning, lifting and dropping, before moving on to the jumping section later that afternoon. David was always slightly terrified of jumping, but by the time the clinic wrapped up around 4:30, he could do it with a great big, little boy grin on his face.

He may be hooked.

We also had a very special guest put in an appearance to help teach alongside Rich, his little boy Dex, who is going to be one heckuva mountain biker by the time he begins kindergarten in a few years. When he rode up on his little strider bike, everyone just melted and clapped. He is truly one adorable little Shredder Boy.

I may be a diehard Runner Girl, but I even learned a thing or two Sunday. Thank you, Rich, for sharing your knowledge so freely and so kindly. Your spirit is infectious.

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Inspired by the Instagram account, @dancersanddogs, I set out to re-create my own version of a dancer and a dog this past Tuesday afternoon. Yes, the dancer was the (very!) energetic five-year-old daughter of my good friend and yes, the dog was our sweet Langley the Lab, and yes, we managed to pull off a similar scene that the Dancers & Dogs folks make look so easy. It took two large carrots, graham crackers, goldfish, cranapple juice and lots of laughter and patience, but Dana and I managed to wrangle our respective charges into sitting still for the second it took for me to press the shutter button on my camera.

I also managed to take some sweet portraits of little Ellie in all her exuberance. A fun, fun day all around.