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Almost Twenty-Five

Meghan will turn twenty-five next week. I’m not quite sure where the years went to, but they have been filled with so much learning, so much laughter, so many long talks and so many quiet times, too. I read millions of words to her during her childhood and told stories upon stories about my family and David’s to her. Memories of growing up with her have been floating through my head lately.

So many life times in the span of twenty-five years have been lived.

I feel as though the tip of the iceberg has barely broken the surface

girls weekend

Two girls.

Hot Springs.

Lake Hamilton.

Stand up paddle boarding.

Browsing the shops downtown.

Underwater photoshoots irrupting into laughter.

Quiet mornings and peaceful sunsets.

Two days that ended all too quickly.


highlight reel

The highlights of the past week:

Meghan moving into a new apartment off the town square. It's part apartment, part tree house and she couldn't be happier.

On my way back to my car Saturday after visiting Meg, I stopped to really look around me and found hidden details that I had never seen before.

Last Sunday, David bought a new mountain bike as an early Father's Day present since he has to travel on the actual holiday and he took me along for his inaugural ride. It was fun, exhilarating and slightly horrifying. I came home with scrapes and a gnarly black and blue welt on my left thigh from taking a corner too tight on the trail. David says I've got street cred now, I say I prefer sticking to the pavement!

I hope you all have a good weekend filled with laughter and fun, and Happy Father's Day to all of you dads out there!


Inside Adventures

Milk and cookies and home made dog treats, oh my!

It's how I pass the time while Dave is away on business trips.

I don't think Joe and the dog mind so much.