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along dickson st.

Last Friday, Dave and I had a Date Night along Dickson St., a once-upon-a-time sketchy street in the heart of Fayetteville's entertainment district that only biker gangs and drunken frat boys would spend their weekend nights drinking and getting into fights. The town cleaned up the place during the twenty or so years that we were away and now it's the heart of Fayetteville, full of coffee houses, upscale bars and a lively Walton Arts Center that puts on Broadway musicals and hosts countless concerts during the year.

Dickson Street is a far cry from what it used to be.

Saturday was the University of Arkansas's commencement ceremony, so the pubs and restaurants were crawling with parents of graduating students and family from far and near. Dickson was ripe for people watching, the weather was beautiful, and there was just a really fun vibe going on. Dave and I have both been so busy these last few weeks that it felt really good to go out for dinner (and we split this decadent desert that was a cross between a grilled cheese sandwich and blueberry cheesecake. We both fought for the last crumb!) and catch up with each other. We made plans for our summer vacation, talked about paddle boarding the next day, about motorcycle trips we wanted to take and about our Joe being awarded a summer internship at Pea Ridge National Park for the summer. 

And, after walking around for an hour, we drove home, watched the news and fell asleep. 

So much for our wild night on the town. 😉

Block Street Party

And it really was a Party, with a capital "P"!

Every year about this time, Fayetteville merchants along Block Street have a massive party and all the town is invited to come out and play. There are vendors set up under tents selling their goods, pony rides for the children, beer gardens for the adults and concert stages set up in nearly every vacant parking lot. Block Street itself isn't that long, maybe three or four blocks, but thousands of people from all over northwest Arkansas packed themselves in between the tents and had a ball. This was the first time David and I attended and we got to see some old friends, believe it or not, amongst that mass of human beings. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, not too cold, but juuuust right. Children were everywhere, as were dogs, people were laughing, music was playing, the smell of BBQ was filling the air and everybody was in a happy mood. It was just a perfect day for a party.