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Scenes From a Bike Festival

David and I spent Saturday afternoon in Bentonville attending the inaugural Oz Trails Off Road Bike Festival. The festival took over the town square and featured three different distance races: 25, 35 or 50-ish miles each. Racers from all over the country descended upon Bentonville to compete and to celebrate all things mountain bike. There were vendor tents with brightly colored tops touting their brand, food trucks, dogs, small kids, friends gathered together re-hashing their races that they had participated in, beer gardens, BMX stuntmen flying high against the blue sky, music, announcers calling out the racers as they crossed the finish line, caked in mud, happy and relieved exhaustion written across their faces.

Afterwards, David and I stopped at a local coffee shop for a coffee shake, which was quite possibly life changing. I finished up David’s, who said it tasted too “coffee-y” for him.

As if there were such a thing.

It was a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Easy As Sunday Morning

This past Sunday morning saw David and me heading up to Bentonville for David to partake in a mountain bike skills clinic put on by Rich Drew, a pro mountain biker who just happens to live in northwest Arkansas and is one of the nicest people around. It was a jam-packed day filled with basic mountain biking techniques: braking, turning, lifting and dropping, before moving on to the jumping section later that afternoon. David was always slightly terrified of jumping, but by the time the clinic wrapped up around 4:30, he could do it with a great big, little boy grin on his face.

He may be hooked.

We also had a very special guest put in an appearance to help teach alongside Rich, his little boy Dex, who is going to be one heckuva mountain biker by the time he begins kindergarten in a few years. When he rode up on his little strider bike, everyone just melted and clapped. He is truly one adorable little Shredder Boy.

I may be a diehard Runner Girl, but I even learned a thing or two Sunday. Thank you, Rich, for sharing your knowledge so freely and so kindly. Your spirit is infectious.

the in between


A NICA race.

First trail run of the season.

Portraits and bread baking.

Little discoveries along the bike trails.

Spending time with my boys.

The in between moments of my life.