This morning's meeting with Sharon went well. We narrowed the dates down for the cancer project and figured out where the house was, then sat back and found out a little bit more about each other. I owe her such gratitude for reaching out to me the way she has. Today was beautifully perfect. I ate lunch outside on the patio, Langley at my knees looking for any crumbs, and then, out of nowhere, here came the first hummer of the year, and I actually saw him with my two eyes. He hovered about the bird feeder, a tad confused not to see his juice in the spot where he saw it last year, but after I got the feeder from the shed and filled it with sugar water and hung it where it was supposed to be, he came back throughout the afternoon, filling up his tummy and keeping me company while I cleaned up the flowerbeds and planted wildflower seeds.  A perfect day.