Meeting at the cancer house with Kelsey and Sharon. It's a go for May 30th & 31. We're psyched.

Stopping by the garden center for "just a look" and coming home with two new rose bushes. I'm determined to help them make it.

A quick lunch and laundry rotation before heading off for a hair cut and dropping off three photos at the camera store for a photo contest I'm entering. Now all I can do is cross my fingers and wait.

Researching David Austin roses (he likes the sound of that), putting away clean laundry and emptying the dishwasher before taking David to and fro from the Subaru place.

Then the phone rings and it's a park ranger from Pea Ridge with the good news that Joey has been accepted into their summer internship program. I may've squealed a bit when she told me. 

Celebrating the end of school, the beginning of summer and his brand new job with supper at Five Guys tonight, just the four of us. 

My day today.