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My Husband Wrote A Book!


Six years ago, David sat down with his laptop, a stack of index cards and an idea. He wrote off and on the first few years half heartedly until he realized that his idea was beginning to take on a life of its own. The plot twists, the characters, the development of the narrative . . . it all started coming together and he threw himself into his writing. He wrote outside on the porch when the weather was nice, he began getting up at 4 in the morning to breathe life into his characters, he took his laptop on business trips and wrote on airplanes and in his hotel rooms. He wrote every day at lunch, pulling up a chair at his favorite sandwich shop. He wrote on vacations and staycations. He wrote and he wrote and he wrote.

Last spring, he finished his first novel, Tehran’s Vengeance, and this weekend, after editing the manuscript with a fine tooth comb for months before hand, he put his creation up for pre-order on iBooks from Apple, Amazon and Kobo. On December 19, it will be available for sale.

I couldn’t be prouder of David for this amazing accomplishment.

You can find the book, the description and the ordering information by clicking on this link: Tehran’s Vengeance.