How It All Began

I began taking photos on a daily basis at the end of 2010 at the suggestion of my husband who had read about a "365 Project" on Twitter. At the time, I was wanting to learn something new and I dove into this new project, not really knowing what I was doing, but quickly, quickly, discovering I loved photography. I read everything I could, practiced daily, plotted out exposure problems and tried to solve them while I was running in the mornings, sometimes becoming so engrossed in the thought process that I'd run a few miles extra before "coming to" and discovering that I was a lot further from home than I meant to be. I never really quit taking daily photos, I've fallen off the daily posting of them from time to time, but I still pick up my camera every. single. day. and make a photo.

It's like breathing for me.

Thank you for joining me in this year's journey. Let's see where it takes us.