"Commit. Then figure it out." - - - Jimmy Chin


  Picture credit: David Austin

Picture credit: David Austin

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother of two young adults and a much beloved black labrador retreiver.

I am a photographer, a lover of light and shadows, fast action, brilliant smiles, and the sound of my camera’s shutter clicking.

I am a life long runner, an explorer, a curious (and sometimes impatient) observer, yet quiet by nature.

I am happy.

I am Kate Austin, a photographer living in Northwest Arkansas with my husband David, two children (Meg and Joe) and our wonderful black lab, Langley. Together David and I are both passionate about shooting sports, especially the amazing mountain biking community that we have here in Northwest Arkansas. We shoot side by side and love every minute of it.

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We live in a world of images. Images have replaced language — and reading. The responsibility to your role in history in whatever is going to happen to human beings— you are the new writers. And we can no longer be sloppy about what we do with a camera. You have this weapon in your hands which is a camera, and it is going to teach the world, it’s going to record the world, it is going to explain to the world and to the children that are coming — what this world was like. It is an incredible responsibility.
— Richard Avedon