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hello, and welcome!

I'm Katie.

I was first a runner, then I became a wife, a momma and finally I became what I am today, a photographer. I discovered this art towards the end of 2010, during the last years of my daughter's high school career and I realized that my role of Active Parenting was gradually drawing to a close. I was no longer needed at PTA events or helping in my younger son's middle school and my daily running only lasted one to two hours a day: how to fill up the rest of the time? I am a person that needs to be doing something throughout the day and have a hard time sitting still. So, I dusted off our family's Nikon DSLR and set out to learn everything about it. I would work out the exposure triangle while running, read the camera manual while waiting in the after school pick up lines (yes, I'm a nerd) and practiced, practiced, practiced every day.

And I slowly began "getting it" and my confidence grew with every click of the shutter.

Along the way, my husband, David, began asking me questions about photography and my camera’s dials and buttons and before I knew it, he became an accomplished photographer himself. Being an avid mountain biker and general sports lover, he helped me understand all the nuances of mountain biking, football, basketball and baseball. Together we shoot side-by-side and love every minute of it.

My area of photography that I feel most at home with is conventional sports (basketball, football, soccer) and outdoor adventure sports ( mountain biking, kayaking, trail running, anything that lets me get dirty). Something about being able to freeze someone flying through the air making a lay up in basketball or sailing over dirt trails during a mountain bike race gets my heart thumping and fills me with excitement.

I also enjoy portrait and headshot sessions, seeing my subjects smiles and the twinkle in their eyes as I snap the shutter. I like getting to know them, and through that interaction, making a new friend along the way. My "style" is relaxed, easy going and fun, not stuffy or stiff.

I love what I do and I have fun doing it.


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