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Wisconsin & Minnesota Bound!

We Hit The Road

At long, long last, we hit the road this morning, headed to Wisconsin and Minnesota, the Land of Cheese and Vikings (well, the football team anyway). We packed up David's car with bikes, camera gear and snacks, the only three essentials we really need on one of our road trips.

Our route took us from our little corner of northwest Arkansas all the way across Missouri to the northeast corner of the state to St. Louis, where we had to stop and play tourist and tour the St. Louis Arch, much to Joe's dismay (or so he let on. I think he secretly really enjoyed himself). When we reached the top via a tiny little elevator that we shared with another family and looked like a little space pod ( there were eight tiny individual elevators that everyone used to get to the top of the Arch) , we were 630 feet up in the air. The views were amazing, needless to say. On one side we could look out and see the mighty Mississippi River and the state of Illinois; the other side looked out over downtown St. Louis. You could look out and see the Cardinals baseball stadium, the state capital and the skyscrapers of the city.

I preferred the Mississippi River side. There were barges and helicopters and neat bridges to look upon.

We stayed at the Arch for about an hour before we hit the road for Springfield, Illinois , where we are staying the night tonight. It was a pretty quiet day today. Tomorrow, we plan on visiting Abe Lincoln's library and homestead before heading up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where we're going to stay a couple days exploring the city and hitting the mountain bike trails. For right now, just a handful of photos from the day today, mainly of the St. Louis Arch and random pictures from the road. 

Till tomorrow . . .

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