Travel Day

Today was all about traveling. After making one final stop at Lambeau Field for David to exchange a pair of shorts, we hit the road heading to Eau Claire, where we are staying the night tonight. Along the way, we hit the small towns of Appleton, Osh Kosh (B'Gosh!) and Waterloo, where Trek bicycles have their headquarters. I liked the smaller towns with all the main streets looking like Main Street U.S.A. with old buildings and houses along the street decked out with flowers and manicured lawns. The people we met on this trip so far have been super nice. David has playfully accused me of striking up conversations just so I can hear their accents, which remind me of music, very melodious and lyrical. They do have a very clipped way of speaking which I attribute to the cold weather they experience up here for the majority of the year. I mean, would you want to keep your mouth open any longer than necessary to speak when it's 80 degrees below zero? Compared to the accents at home, where it's just too darned hot to speak fast, these guys up here in the Frozen North could probably set speed records for the way they talk! But it is fun to talk to the folks up here. 

Last night, David and I did a little exploring along the bay in Green Bay and discovered an amusement park that was straight out of the 1950's. There was a wooden roller coaster, a giant slide like we used to have in Lawrence years and years ago, a Tilt-A-Whirl (I thought of you, Mom, when I saw that and wished you were there to ride it with me!), but best of all there were the giant swings that I absolutely love, the kind of swings that take you up high and swing you waaaaaaay out. Needless to say, David bought me tickets so I could ride and oh my goodness, it was so. much. fun!! I only managed one ride because I was pretty dizzy after the first one, but I blame it on being on the road for most of the day. If I was at home, then I could've swung all day long.

The sunset was beautiful across the water on the Bay. We talked about what it would be like living in Green Bay, which we both loved. If we could just somehow get around our severe distaste of cold weather, I think we would move up there if we could. There's a very down home kind of feel to the town, which is just a little bit bigger than Fayetteville and it seems to have good family values. And there is Lambeau Field and the Packers! But the winters would be brutal and Florida has an awful nice ring to it, too, when it's 80 below, snow piled up higher than the front door and the wind is blowing a gale.

But I tend to exaggerate, or so I've been told. 

Anyway, on to the pictures. A few from last night and a few from the road today, where we ran into a massive thunderstorm that spooked a herd of cows, sending them galloping for cover.

And galloping cows is a pretty funny sight.