On Life, Podcasts and List Making

I’ve recently taken up listening to podcasts as I run and while driving around town doing errands. I’ve never been one to enjoy listening to others talk, preferring music to listen to as I pound the pavement in the mornings, but these last few months, I’ve found that podcast help take my mind off the task I’m doing at the moment, whether that be running seven miles or running to the cleaners.

I’ve got about eight podcasts in my music library, but the three that I listen to the most are The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show, The Make Light Show by Karen Walrond, and The Candid Frame by Ibarionex Perello. They’re all full of creativity, uplifting your life and photography. Jarvis and Perello regularly have various creatives and photographers on their shows talking about how they got their start in their own personal field and/or personal projects. It’s fascinating to hear other artists talk about what brings them joy and satisfaction.

Walrond often has shorter shows, but she has interviewed other artists and entrepreneurs, too. It was during one of her podcasts that I was listening to on my way to the dentist Tuesday morning that really got me thinking. She was talking about following your curiosity and about list making, something that I spend far too much of my time doing. The first list she talked about was called a “Love List”. A Love List is a list where you write down every single thing you love:

if you love to plant flowers, write that down

if you love to paint, write that down

if you love texting, write that down

if you love eating, singing in the shower or watching Netflix, all those get written down.

The Love List should consist of everything you love, be it silly or serious. Some of the things on my Love List include daydreaming, baking, bumblebees, running, horse racing, coffee houses, making a mess, naps, paddle boarding, Civil War battlefields, traveling, a tidy house, throwing rocks in the water, laughing, cooking shows, exploring, hiking, list making, kayaking, thrifting, the Flint Hills of Kansas, being curious, new notebooks and campfires. I’ve got tons more, but those are just a few of the things I absolutely love right now. I know I’ll add more, but this is a start.

The other list Walrond discussed is something called a Life List, somewhat of a Bucket List, and I’ve been going to town on this one and having a ball. On your Life List, write down things you hope to do during your life. She suggested to dream big, but also to dream small to keep you from feeling overwhelmed by your Big Dreams. These are meant to be fun activities to do during your life time, and it’s okay to go overboard in your dreaming . . . that’s why you have smaller, achievable dreams coinciding alongside the larger ones.

I sat down Friday afternoon with a notebook and a pen and began dreaming. Some of the things on my Life List are:

  1. learn how to tap dance

  2. run the Pikes Peak Half Marathon in 2020

  3. master making a home made pie crust

  4. travel to Mongolia

  5. take a cake decorating class

  6. ride an elephant

  7. visit Legoland in Denmark

  8. take a hot air balloon ride

  9. meet Donna Hopkins & Cathy Sly in person

  10. photograph ballet dancers


The point of both these lists is one, find out what it is that makes you curious (the Love List) and two, what is it that inspires your curiosity (the Life List) and then . . . just begin.