Makes Me Happy

Thinking back to our Utah adventure in 2016 and yearning to return.

Last night, Dave and I finished watching a two-part series on grizzly bears in Alaska, in particular a young mother and her cub, Pushki. One scene showed Parsnip, the momma bear, stop at the water’s edge, plop down in the sand and stare at the sun, slowly rising over the water. Pushki plopped down beside her and did the same thing. The sunrise was, indeed, glorious to behold, but what made me happy, and still makes me happy today, was what the commentator said. He said that bears are mesmerized by sunrises and sunsets, that they stop whatever it is that they’re doing and will watch as the sun greets the day or bids it farewell.

I can’t find any scientific study to back this up, and maybe the commentator was just projecting his wishful thinking onto the television audience, but what if it were true? And not just about grizzly bears? Langley has been grunting a lot lately, and I thought maybe her arthritis has been getting worse. I Googled why dogs grunt, and much to my happiness, it’s quite the opposite, that dogs grunt and groan to show contentment and that they’re relaxed and happy. Langley has been telling us the best way she knows how that she’s very happy. It’s just that we misinterpreted her words.

What if animals truly appreciated beauty the way humans do and understood the world better than we thought? What a marvelous idea that would be!