Eureka Springs Enduro, Day Two

Remember when I asked you to stay tuned for the second day of the Eureka Springs Enduro, like two weeks ago? Sorry for the delay, but I finally have the second installment ready for you to read.

The second day of the race began with an urban portion. Yep, riders rode their bikes from the top of Eureka Springs all the way down to the bottom of town, descending down stairs, green spaces made muddy from the previous night’s downpours, and the twisty turn-y streets that make up the eclectic town. The race actually began at the Crescent Hotel, a Victorian hotel said to be haunted.

Hmm, maybe that’s why David has never taken me there for a long weekend.

Crowds were gathered along the streets cheering every rider on as they careened around corners, some wearing looks of intense concentration, some times look of sheer terror. There were a few hecklers in the crowd, but the teasing and heckling was all in good fun, causing laughter amongst the onlookers.

The race then moved over to the trails at the Great Passion Play, a long standing attraction that Eureka Springs boasts. I can barely remember going there when I was little while we were visiting my grandfather once, but it’s quite a place. And to make it even more of an attraction, the great folks at Jagged Axe Trail Designs have built over 15 miles of beautiful dirt trails for bikers and hikers alike, complete with big, wonderful trail markers - - - you know, if you ever get turned around while out scouting the location before a race or something.


Anyway, Dave and I staked our claims on the trail and started shooting away as the riders, one by one, streaked by. The sun was out, the sky was crystal blue, the crowds were noisy and the cowbells were being rung. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the Arkansas Enduro Series, 2019, than how that weekend turned out to be.

Next stop on the tour . . . Fayetteville!