The hummingbirds have been out in force. I counted four of them this afternoon, dive bombing each other out of the magnolia and pine trees by the patio. I’ve been having a lot of fun sitting outside after dinner with my camera, attempting to photograph them. They’re such fast little creatures, squeaking indignantly at each other, always on the look out, never resting. They’re one of my favorite things about summer.

So are these guys.

Dave and I have photographed a couple bike races over the last couple weeks, and we have another one coming up this Saturday. It’s been hot, but the cool shade along the bike trails helps out immensely.

I love these next two pictures. The dirt of a hard days’ work at the tire shop where Joe works combined with the gentle cupping of the blueberries in his hands; the strength and defiance of Meghan’s stance during a practice session atop a parking garage one evening a few weeks ago. I had these ideas in my head and my kids helped me make them come true.

There’s just something about water that speaks to me. Being around it, being in it, hearing it gurgling or roaring near by triggers something inside me. I’m not sure what that thing is, but I turn into an excited little kid on summer vacation. Time seems to stand still and happy memories of days spent cooling off and playing at the city pool as a kid fill my head.

I took a trip out to a local kayak park last Friday and happily waded about, shooting this kayaker having his morning work out. I think David and I are going to paddle board down this river as soon as our weekends become a little less busy. I stayed for an hour and shot nearly 1,000 frames.

Like I said, I lose all sense of time when I’m around water.

David and I have begun planning our summer trip to Montana. We leave July 27 and will be gone for almost two weeks. Some mountain bike friends of our are riding in an enduro race being held in Big Sky, Montana and we thought it’d be fun to go up and photograph them. We plan on cutting up through Kansas and hitting western Nebraska (an area that we’ve been curious about, thanks to photographer Bill Frakes, whom we both follow on Instagram), before crossing over into Wyoming. From Wyoming, we’ll hit Yellowstone Nat’l. Park and Grand Tetons Nat’l. Park before finally reaching Big Sky, Montana. This’ll be our first trip sans children, our first Big Trip, in almost 26 years.

And it’s a good thing because our trip list consists of all kinds of photo gear, tripods, a fly fishing pole, a mountain bike, cooler and running gear!

But first, there’s the Bella Vista Enduro Race, a senior portrait session, hair cuts, a doctor appointment and everything else that daily living requires.

But oh, we are counting down the days!