Red Star Enduro

What can I say about the Red Star Enduro, the lates race put on by Arkansas Enduro Series, except to say it was:

hot, muggy, humid, buggy, in the middle of nowhere, muddy trails, a slight goof with the first stage (the timing module hadn’t been placed where it was supposed to and so the stage had to start over again), beautiful light, quiet except for the cicadas, a too close encounter with a rattlesnake by a couple of riders (they’re fine, thankfully, except the snake attacked one of their bikes, biting clear down to the metal), a copperhead gently prodded off the trail on another stage, full creeks that the riders had to ford, and did I mention that the trails were muddy? And that the race was held on one of the hottest days of the year so far?


It was fun as always, friends hollering out greetings as they rode past me, me cheering them on as I clicked their picture.

Just another party in the woods with bikes and friends.

Next up (and I’m pretty excited about this one) is the Coler Enduro. Talk about a party!