By Definition

According to, a building is defined by:

building [bil-ding]


a relatively permanent enclosed construction over a plot of land, having a roof and usually windows and often more than one level, used for any of a wide variety of activities, as living, entertaining, or manufacturing.

anything built or constructed.

Where Stories Start

I was tasked with taking care of Meghan’s cat, Sam, these last few days while she attended a wedding in New Jersey. He’s a good boy, rather vocal, especially when his food dish is empty, but he loves to cuddle and would willingly sit in my lap and purr the day away in place of eating.

I brought my camera with me for the morning and evening feedings, one because Meg has a really cool little apartment with beautiful natural light filtering in through her north facing windows; and two, there are pops of color everywhere you look. Throw in a cat who likes to jump into her bright yellow claw footed bathtub, and her place just begs to be photographed. But what makes her little apartment even more interesting is the courtyard at the foot of the stairs leading up to her door. It’s covered in vines, and the Ozark Spiderwort is just now beginning to bloom around the stone pathway leading to the stairs. But what I love the most about this little courtyard is all the treasure you can find hiding in the weeds.

I made a game of it every time I went over to take care of Sam. And the more I played, the more I saw.

The courtyard where stories start.

Scenes From The Joe Martin Stage Race


The Joe Martin Stage Race came to town over the weekend and David and I spent Sunday afternoon taking pictures of the event. Brilliant skies, abundant sunshine, eighty degree temperatures, cowbells being rung in encouragement, Poison and Prince blaring from the loudspeakers and over 750 bikers zooming down Dickson St.

It was quite an afternoon.